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General Security

What to do if someone impersonates you online

We probably all know someone who’s been impersonated on Facebook, Instagram, or another social network. Crimes based on impersonation have increased dramatically in the last year. Most commonly, you, a trusting friend, would be the victim. The impersonator might ask (posing as your ‘friend’) to borrow money, for personal information, or for you to do […]

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[News] China bans cryptocurrency trading and mining

Last Friday China’s central bank and its National Development and Reform Commission announced a ban on all cryptocurrency mining and made all cryptocurrency transactions illegal. Furthermore, they prohibited any company from providing cryptocurrency trading to Chinese citizens. These new bans extend China’s 2019 ban on cryptocurrency trading. The statement from China’s Central Bank makes clear […]

Business General

How to clean up your digital footprint

Every day, we reveal something about ourselves to the Internet. Whether it’s old blog posts, Instagram photos or your Uber rating, we leave a trackable trail that forms a pattern over time. We all have online accounts that we can’t remember using, and while most of them are harmless, you may not want your boss […]

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Best programming languages for AI: which to learn?

AI programming brings indescribable productivity and quality-of-life benefits to users everywhere. As smart speakers say good morning and search engines make headlines, these two techs are just a fraction of the massive AI universe working behind the scenes today. For those considering a leap into the world of AI development, choosing the correct programming language […]


Use any domain as your cryptocurrency wallet

Last month, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) announced that people can now connect any second level domain to ENS. This gives cryptocurrency wallet holders an easier way to remember wallet addresses needed to send and receive payments. ENS what? ENS was created to make cryptocurrency wallet addresses easier to remember. It’s the same concept as domain […]