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Dropshipping Fiverr

Shopify Dropshipping Store Complete Setup (Step By Step Training)

If somehow someway you stumble on this blogpost, then you are in massive Luck. What is drop shipping? I’m super sure you reading this now may not have heard about DROPSHIPPING or SHOPIFY? Today, am going to breakdown every single knowledge you need to have on Dropshipping and Shopify.

– Are you new to online business?
– Are you in search of a business model you can invest your money on?
– Do you own a store and your store is not online yet?
– Are you a student looking for a side hustle?

Let’s answer every single question that may leave your mind skeptical about online business build you a very new income stream.
The good thing about this business model is that it is entirely risk-free. You are not scared of Inventory cost or start-up costs. No problems of trying to find a property agent to help get a good location for your store as we know this is a very important factor in finding an offline store.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is where you should be right now. Because you are about to learn how to create a shopify dropshipping store that generates at least $5000 monthly revenue in a very short space of time. (Definitely more than that but let’s keep things really simple), but really you can literally turn your life around in this business.
This information will definitely touch a part of your financial life one way or the other.
I am explicitly going to breakdown everything you need to know about starting your own online business whether you are a beginner from 0 level or an old-timer struggling to win. Just hang in there, we’re in this together.

Before we proceed,

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Here is what this blogpost is going to cover in the long run. Trust me am going to start from the beginning till the end on a gradual process…

What is dropshipping
Understanding Product store
What is branded drop shipping
What is Shopify
Differences between Shopify and WordPress
Difference between Amazon(Jumia) and Shopify
The future of eCommerce
How to design a Store(Shopify)
How to find profitable Niches with products to sale
How to know if a product is saturated
Connecting/contacting the right supplier or seller from China(Aliexpress)
Payment gateways
Understanding email marketing
Creating content for Facebook Ads
How to manage Facebook Ads
*Shopify Apps for your store
*Setting up Sms and eMail marketing platform
*Scaling your store
*Giveaway to 10 lucky readers

Lets begin!

What is Shopify

I was just brainstorming and decided that it will be ideally straight forward to start with knowing what Shopify is. I wanted to start this training with the order on the table of the content above but this will help build up your mind about the whole concept of online business and how to channel your thinking precisely.
Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Create and customize an online store. Sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. Manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping. (According to shopify.com)
In my simple terms, Shopify is an online platform mainly for the purpose of selling your product and business to clients and customers. It’s fairly different from your regular website, at least to a large extent because everything about it is centered on sales and marketing. it provides you with a whole lot of tools to help you better your business in several different ways.
Its an open platform that lets you basically connect your business to people on a larger audience mainly via social media like facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Whatever kind of business you plan on venturing into, Shopify is like a step to greater height.
What makes dropshipping so attractive and almost a first choice to people on Shopify? Simple, it has an array for tools that seamlessly connects the Shopify platform to sellers in china. Need I mention how stress-free it is to just find a product and Shopify does everything else? All you have to do is decide on a product you wish to sell and put it up on your store and that’s it, once a buyer clicks on the product to buy, contacting the seller, paying the seller, shipping and every other thing is done by Shopify, you won’t even have to click a button. Now you’ll ask, how can you get customers for your online shop? That’s where Facebook marketing comes in… we will cover that in its section of this training. Now that we understand what Shopify is, now we can proceed
I hear people compare Shopify with Wix and WordPress websites. The difference between these two is quite clear, while Shopify is user friendly, WordPress and it’s like are not friendly to the novice in web design at all, not to mention eCommerce websites. Web design Guys charge hundreds of thousands to design an average eCommerce website for a client, not something even close to Jumia standard at all. But with Shopify, you’re a few apps away from having your own online store.


what is drop shipping

Not everybody reading this content now have heard about drop shipping, and there are those of us who have heard but have absolutely no idea what the subject is and then some of us who know a whole lot but just can’t manage to get things going for them properly.
We are all going to pretend like we are all newbies so here is what is dropshipping(it’s a single word NOT drop shipping)?
The simple definition is taking goods from one seller and helping to sell it to a buyer at a profit. Simple eh?
Yes, that’s just what it is about. But here let’s break it down in detail and business terms.
You find a product which some persons are interested in buying, you go to aliexpress.com(a Chinese website where loads of people all over the world buy goods from for very cheap prices and good quality) to find a seller of that product for a reasonable amount, then you show the buyer(your customer) this product on your website when the person buys the product from your website, you, in turn, go to your Chinese seller from Aliexpress and order the product but this time, you will enter the exact details of your customer so that the product will be sent to your customer directly you are basically doing nothing at all but you keep the profit. Let’s say you put a price tag of N10,000 on the product on your website but the Chinese supplier or seller is selling at N3,500 with shipping expenses included, the N6,500 difference becomes your profit. The maths you just saw is literally how you’re going to make your profit, like nothing more, nothing less. This is not sugar coating, it’s the exact laid out pure fact which some persons here are very well familiar with
Now, why can’t the buyer just go directly to the Chinese seller? This is the question everyone asks. The answer is simple, there are many variables that could play a part to make these customers or buyers buy from you instead of going to let’s say Jumia or aliexpress or Amazon. If I go to any one of the listed sites, am actually going to search for something that I WANT to buy for instance want a hair clipper, I’ll simply go to any one of these websites and search for it specifically, meaning am going there on a mission of finding a hair clipper to buy. But in the case of drop shipping, you bring the product and advertise it to the customer. You brought the awareness to this customer, they may not necessarily need this product but you made them realize that this product could solve a problem for them, then they are most definitely buying your product and again, you must have created a channel to enable the customer reach you and find out more info about this product you are selling to them. So in the long run, you are have established a relationship with these customers, something the above-listed website won’t do.
Also, these websites are actually huge markets for basically everything(every Niche) but your own isn’t a market but a store because you into one particular Niche for instance fitness, all you do is sell fitness products like skipping ropes, dumbbells, yoga mats, etc. So you are targeting a particular audience which will, in turn, build trust but also long term commitment. You can even target a particular gender, for instance, women when you are into beauty Niche…
The above reason is why many people fail in this business, they try to sell any product that looks good to them in their Shopify store, from makeup kit to football jersey to phone accessories… Wow. wait, does it sound reasonable at all?

Dropshipping is not about just going to the Chinese website and picking any random product to sell. There are criteria for picking and selling items and products to customers. Oh Yes, I can read someone’s mind right now saying; it has to be a product in demand! That one too is wrong.
First thing you must consider before you decide on dropshipping a product is making sure that the product isn’t sold in your everyday mall-like ShopRite or even our local stores. You won’t expect a customer to sit and wait 3-6 weeks for an item they could just walk into a store and buy in 30mins. That’ll be like setting yourself up to fail.
You need to consider dropshipping like you are trying to help your customers all the time. If you are trying to set up an online store, put it in mind you are trying to help buyers solve problems with your products.



Step 1: Visit Shopify Official Store to sign up on shopify. Enter your chosen email address, also note that you must create a new email for your chosen store niche, for instance, create an email like this, [email protected] It may not be your official store email but you need something professional for a start, you don’t know when you’ll need to submit your store email address.
Step 2: Create a password
Step 3: Choose a store name, in this case, UNIQUE ACCESSORIES.
Step 5: You’ll be greeted with a TELL US ABOUT YOUR SELF page with Questions, you might decide to click SKIP or you could fill them out, it’s totally up to you. Click NEXT
Step 6: You be on a page you’ll fill out your correct details like, NAMES, ADDRESS, COUNTRY, PHONE NO, POSTAL CODE and more, make sure to enter your correct details. after that, you click ENTER MY STORE
Let’s stop here and take a moment to understand what we want to do in our shop before we proceed, we are doing; DROPSHIPPING, BRANDED DROPSHIPPING or BRANDED PRODUCT STORE.

Understanding the Branded Product store

There is much on the product store analysis. I Am trying hard to figure out a good term to describe the subject topic. This does not center mainly on dropshipping but it could if you want your own product store to be a dropshipped product.
The product store is a way of converting your offline store if you have one into an online store and place your product(s) on your website. You could actually run solely an online store. This does not necessarily mean a unit(one) product NO! For instance, you do t-shirt design( a massive niche by the way), the t-shirt is a single product on its own but has loads of variations and designs from short sleeves to long sleeves to no collar neck, etc. Your store will be regarded as a product store for t-shirts, not trousers not caps or hats but solely t-shirts. You’ll agree with me that trousers are also in the fashion niche, but you aren’t into a broad niche but instead, you are into a product niche called t-shirt.
This is very lucrative when you have a brand or trying to build a brand because you are not into an open form of competition as what you offer cannot be gotten anywhere else in the market plus you can control your price and other variables for your own store, for instance, your store can customize sizes, not just S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc, you can allow customers fill in specific details of their sizes in your website. you can include pay on delivery, you can include free shipping worldwide or optional payment gateways… etc there will always be something which makes your store unique that someone else cannot replicate. It is very difficult to copy a product store, unlike dropshipping stores. You can Niche down further and make it a single-gender store, this is an awesome step to building your unique store and I can only imagine the huge success this brand could be. Really, you have a one-stop-shop of female t-shirt online with unique designs and you think you aren’t a big brand. Forget it, the money rolling in is just a matter of time. Still, on this shirt discussion, I am going to give out a little secret of mine subsequently on this topic.
Loads of advantages from having a product store and as I type ideas are flowing through my head like a crazy man and I can tell you if I start listing and going to deviate from what this blogpost is supposed to be; dropshipping training.
To learn more about the Product store… hit me up … ok, that little secret. My cousin who works in Aba(Abia state) in a fashion home told me how 2 separate guys keep coming with different orders for cloths and delivering to their customers, I mean, the guys come, request for shirts with specific design as ordered by the customer from their website, the tailor will sow this design to specifications and these guys will ship it to the customers and they make a lot of profit from this, he told me buying and sowing of one shirt with very good material will cost from 1k-2k, something these guys showcase on Instagram for sale at ridiculous prices like 7k-15k ranging from quality of materials. You can go ahead to do the math’s, you can see how interesting online business is with online shop owners. He doesn’t even own a physical store or know the act of sowing a piece of cloth but is reaping all the profits.

What is Branded Dropshipping?

This is not too different from the product store and the regular dropshipping, in fact, its a mixture of both, the minor difference is the fact that you are going to contact a Chinese supplier, this time you’re not interested in trends of the product or how new it is, neither are you going to worry yourself about its competition. You’ll just focus on a good niche and find a product that won’t die out in let’s say in 2 years, for instance, branded makeup kit, contact a seller in China to mass-produce this product for you about 100- 1,000 piece of it and slap on it a brand name. I am sure if you’ll be making an entire upfront payment as this may be subject to your supplier but anyways, you’ll have to request made samples from your supplier to see the quality and design done for you. Though samples are also required for regular dropshipping too most times we rely on reviews. After you’ve seen your sample, you can decide to allow your supplier to go ahead and mass produces or modify a few other things. This method of dropshipping will save you a lot of money as instead of paying for single units all the time, you get massive discounts for bulk purchases. This is slightly different from the product store because you are placing your orders from china instead of locally but similar as you are selling these products like yours, not any random online seller. It’s similar to regular dropshipping as your supplier ships directly to your customer, it can also be automated. Branded dropshipping mostly centers on a single product because one may not have the financial muscle to contact different suppliers of different variants of products for almost over 500 pieces of product at once.
Whichever one you decide to choose, let me know as I could give you one or two tools to help you enhance your chosen store, for branded drop shipping, I have a preset to use if you want to speak and deal with a Chinese supplier.

Now let’s make a dropshipping store, first off we want to download an app called OBERLO. This app is a free app and its the soul of dropshipping with aliexpress.
To download apps on Shopify, navigate to the left-hand bar of the Shopify dashboard, locate APPS, and click on it. On the APPS page, locate VISIT SHOPIFY APP STORE just by the top right of the page. This will take you to the apps download page of Shopify where you can search for both paid apps and free apps. You’re going to download the following apps

OBERLO: This is the app that is going to basically do all our dropshipping for us. It’s going to help us find products within the app, refine the product, and put the product in our store for us. This app is going to order the product from Aliexpress supplier on our behalf when a customer makes a purchase. Just ensure you have your debit/credit card details saved on your store(will show you how to go about this…)

LOOX: This app will help you manage your reviews. You know as a new store you don’t have any reviews just yet and customers want to feel a sense of safety and satisfaction when they see other people already used your product and left positive reviews, this app will let you add your own reviews, I mean reviews you typed with your hand plus you can import reviews from Aliexpress for that product and customize the reviews as you deem fit.

KLAVIYO: This is a mail marketing app, it lets you customize, design, and interact with your customer to the point that it seems you know their every action. This app will let you send reminders for instance if they didn’t complete a purchase in your store and left halfway through the process. This app will let you build a discount coupon to attach to these mail to entice your customers into making purchases. It covers a lot and we are going to make the best out of this…

SMSBUMP: Just like the one above, Klaviyo app, it helps you manage and interact with customers to convert them into buyers but this is via SMS

DOUBLY CURRENCY CONVERTER: If you intend to sell internationally which is very recommended unless you don’t like plenty of profit, this app will help your store convert to the local currency of saying a customer buying in Ghana or Italy, your store will display these country currencies to these customers. It has over 170 currency in its database


There is a chrome plugin for oberlo that helps you organize your search when you are on the aliexpress website. When you find a product with aliexpress and you want to add this product to your store, just simply click on the plugin and click ADD TO STORE, its that simple, it will import all its images, product description, and price into your store, all that is left for you to do is edit the details as you deem fit.
Now these are the must-have basic apps to help you sell your business and get conversions, there are other apps that will make your store look like a big brand and all that stuff but we want to keep things simple for now.

Download links to the apps mentioned above;


Plenty of people would not know this but many businesses build their solidity off the back of Facebook by running ads into millions and millions of dollars. If you were thinking Facebook is kind of used by small businesses or entrepreneurs, think again. The big problem is entrepreneurs don’t even use this facebook at all not to talk about running ads and making money, a lot of young entrepreneurs prefer to upload pictures, post comments, and like the post. I cannot talk about this enough, people are cashing in big-time on Facebook ads…
That said, Let’s see how we can get better than we were before we encountered this blogpost.
Please answer some of these questions
1 Do you have a Facebook page for your business (assuming its no, create one right now.)
2 Assuming the above answer is yes, do you have a Facebook ad account? (if no, go to no.3
3 Do you have a Facebook business manager account? if No then here is where we will start off

Go to business.facebook.com and register or create your Facebook business account.
Now let’s proceed. Inside your Facebook business account, you want to set up your Facebook admins. By default, you are the only admin on your Facebook business account but you can add another person as admin too if you choose to.
Next thing is to add a Facebook page from the first question, make sure the page you created is actually for your business and it should have a similar name if not the same name as your Shopify store or chosen niche. for instance, My niche is Phone memory cards, I want my Shopify store to be called Digital Accessories(just came off my head) and my Facebook page of a similar name. This is an easy step and common sense should prevail here. Now back to our business account.

What is even facebook business account? This is a hub where one can organize everything about his ads activities on Facebook and multiple website activities linked to Facebook ads. That is, if you have plenty of websites and Facebook page for each website, you can have all of them in one business account and manage them from this business account. With this business account, you can manage Facebook ads for others and get paid all from here, It’s like your freelance office.
Now add your Facebook page, you’ll find it when you look just by the left of the screen, its one of tabs under accounts.

Now, the next thing we are supposed to create is an ad account but let’s look at something that makes business manager special and probably the reason some of us have been failing with Facebook ads…
follow the images below, let’s go to AUDIENCE INSIGHT, in here we can see everyone on Facebook and what they are actually interested in, with this you will be able to properly channel your ads to a specific set of persons. Like for instance, on the screenshot posted, if I was to sell a product for beautiful skin, I would like to know how many people in Nigeria or worldwide are interested in beautiful skin, take a look at the screenshot, you’ll see that 94% of women on Facebook are interested in beautiful skin, already its clear that its useless targeting men on an ad that concerns how to achieve beautiful skin, automatically this will save us money from CPM running cost. Now look at the screenshot for the Nigerian statistics, you’ll see that 88% of woman are interested in beautiful skin in your country but 13% men are which is a small number, ok if you still don’t get the benefit of this information, it means that if by chance you run your ads and you forgot to specify it’s for the gender female, it means your beautiful skin ad is going to be shown to both men and women in Nigeria and of all the men that will see this your ad, only 13% out of them will get interested and you know of this 13% not all of them will take action so basically you’ve wasted ads that would have benefited women on men and still paid the same cost.
This page alone is huge for proper ads targeting, now let’s talk about making an ad campaign.

facebook ads
facebook ads
facebook ads
facebook ads
facebook ads

I know there is a lot involved in this business and one might not be able to digest and reproduce somethings or everything about dropshipping and managing Facebook ads as I have explained here but that’s ok, so I am here for any and every one of your needs…
You may want to accelerate your process and scale your business faster, get in touch
You may want to do Facebook ads and have been losing money due to poor targeting, get in touch
you may want to learn Facebook ads and manage accounts for individuals and companies to make huge revenue, get in touch.
I offer mentorship on this whole subject matter, I don’t sell anything what so ever, all I do is hold your hand and not just teach you but show you everything to make you a success on this very online business model, I mean everything. I am going to say this here and now, the success of this business is 85% dependent on Facebook ads and I will be showing you Facebook ads winning strategy(students). Here on the blogpost i’ll teach how to run Facebook ads but my student will have some secret strategies. You’ll certainly make money from what I teach here on the blogpost but my students will learn how to use small money to make big money.


The program is called fba for short and it’s one of the hottest things guys who do online business outside Nigeria. so let’s continue, fulfilled by amazon is simply selling on amazon just the way you do on Jumia. though I don’t know much on jumia own, to be honest, so I would prefer not to include them in this very topic hence why jumia is not on my table of content. with fba, you find and order a product from either Alibaba or Aliexpress the regular way, not as a dropshipper though, then sell it on Amazon website. This time you need to worry about buying for inventory, but amazon takes care of your inventory at a small fee, I am not going to go into details on fba here cos this blogpost is about Shopify. If need be, we will talk about fba later. The beauty of fba is having your goods displayed on the Amazon website like for real. You don’t know how fulfilled one feels when your products are displayed on the biggest online market platform in the world, it’s insane but unfortunately, it’s not open for Nigerians to use.
Nigerians cant register for amazon fba but the simple workaround is to travel to one of these small African countries like Togo. Yes, Togolese can register on amazon fba and a few other countries in Africa but not Nigerians, but who would blame amazon. Another option is to contact a relative in one of the European countries to help you create an account and send you the details, yes its that simple. To be very successful at amazon fba though is running amazon ads. Now let me bring its comparison to Shopify.

For you to make money on fba you need to master amazon ads, though it’s not as crazy and strategy-driven like Facebook ads but you spend money to make sales there at fba. The downside of this is the cost. I can’t get it all off my head right now but there are certain payments one makes to amazon for different reasons. the money or sales you make with fba is partly shared by amazon, not huge though, but certainly, you have to pay some percentage here and there to amazon for you to be selling on their website and have them store your goods for you. For Shopify, you own everything about your sales, be it dropshipping or product store sales, you own everything. Plus you don’t necessarily need inventory to start your life with Shopify but it is a must with amazon.

But here is another trick, who says dropshipping can only be done with Chinese websites. No na! The reason why Chinese websites are our first choice is due to the fact that they got cheaper products but not every product. They don’t sell recognized brand electronics for a start( i stand corrected) and items like canon DSLR cameras(my stuff…) Nikon and all that so if you somehow find a seller on amazon, dropship these products to countries like Nigeria and some African countries, I don’t see anything stopping this one o. hope I open some person’s eyes here.
There is something I missed while I was typing this out and I wanted to talk about it. I hope I find it while I preview before posting.
Another advantage Shopify has over Amazon is the ability to customize your store, product, and the best part is the reviews, no one buys products these days without it having a good number of reviews, and Shopify lets you have reviews on your products even before you make a sale. With Shopify, you are entirely your boss but with Amazon, similar products from other sellers are displayed along with your products but with Shopify, you have your own products displayed as YOU MAY ALSO LIKE products just under the product your customer is viewing…

Did I mention your email marketing is so personalize and on another level? The reach you have with Shopify is so huge and unbelievable. With Amazon ads, you can actually target customers of amazon and specifically the ones of certain interest within amazon. But with Shopify you got google ads and Facebook ads to play with way more audience.
Yet guys are killing it with amazon fba up till this moment. But Shopify has more flexibility with reach.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

This is going to be very brief. I will go into details but some of this post is for SEO purposes. Learn more about SEO

Differences between these two is very clear. With Facebook Ads, you get to throw your products in the face of customers, it doesn’t necessarily have to be what the customer want but they’ll see it and probably get interested then they’ll initiate a purchase.

Google ads is about what the customer searches for most times. They have to specifically type in your the keywords for your product ad to come up. Such ads are specific and straight-forward, you can’t rank for keywords not related to your products just because you want loads of people to see your ads. If someone searches for laptop and your ad comes up in the search results showing ladies cloths would be funny. No body will click on these and there’ll be no conversions. You can get away with these on Facebook Ads with customers seeing random products.


I don’t know why people keep misinterpreting both subjects as different entities. They are actually brothers with just different lifestyles.
Dropshipping is the poor man version of Mini importation which also happens to be the poor man version of importation business.
Dropshipping is a business model you venture into if you do not own the finance required to procure an inventory from OUR CHINESE SUPPLIERS. Like it or not, China is the home of almost every business in the world right now and telecoms solely depend on China for everything. Good thing I am into telecoms. Having supplies from china is very very affordable hence why people world over choose this option.
Most Chinese suppliers want to sell wholesale to get the benefits of cheaper products or pay more for fewer quantities like a single piece. The wholesale numbers can range from 50 – 1,000. That may be the terms of some suppliers and when you do the maths, it’s running into hundreds of thousands of naira. Then there are the problem exchange rates, language issues, and then finding shipping agents among several other issues arising from buying goods from china for inventory. Then there is the issue of waiting. This is basically mini importation and all its challenges.
Then there was the option of where one can find products at a cheap rate, relate in English, buy a single product, and need not worry about the exchange rate. The idea of dropshipping was built from here. All I have to do is find these cheap products I can buy single quantities at a time and sell to my customers and still make a profit like a man who keeps an inventory.

Now there are risks involved in both business models but before we go into the risk involved in both, lets quickly say here that the most sustainable option among both business models is the mini importation. Yes, many people would have expected me to root for the dropshipping model but the truth needs to be said, the disadvantages of dropshipping outweigh that of the other ones. But you want that quick money? yes yes, dropshipping is your guy.
ok, let’s get this thing settled

This is the reason why ya’all hear Paypal cracking down on accounts. The business model is scammy in nature and only a true internet guru will tell you this. It’s very easy for me to get like 100 orders and decide not to fulfill any of them. Imagine 100orders worth around 3000USD and you didn’t fulfill even one but you receive all the funds. After all, you got nothing to lose and you call it free money? Your Paypal is going to receive loads of chargebacks and subsequently, your account will be suspended. This is the major issue most payment companies have with dropshipping simply because it doesn’t present itself as a legit business. Mind you, there are ways you can improve your trust with these companies and run a legit dropshipping business, simply be legit and promptly fulfill orders and nothing is going to happen to your business. But with mini importation, you want to make sure you exhaust your inventory and possibly reorder as soon as possible.

When you as a drop shipper is delivering your item in let’s say one week super fast. Mini importers are just about 2days away from their customers. But the problem with mini importers is having a wider customer audience to ship. They are mostly restricted to their localities and cannot process for foreign customers from other countries. Dropshippers cannot actually services any and every country in the world.

As a dropshipper, you are basically free to sell any and every product you can find online. You have a very very large array of products to advertise and show in your store but this luxury isn’t afforded the mini importer. He can only buy the few products within the budget and cannot possibly order every product on the market and don’t forget he is going to deal with minimum order quantity so basically he has to stick with a very few numbers of products in a particular niche and most times stick with just one product.

Thanks Guys! For the follow up.


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If you have any questions, as regards Dropshipping or Shopify, drop your questions in the comment section below, I will be here to help.



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